Policies & Procedures

It is the mission of PantherDining Catering to provide catered meals, catered events and other special events for the campus and campus community. This mission extends to University-related functions occurring outside of the Georgia State University campus. PantherDining Catering offers a full array of services to accommodate the needs of those who plan events on main campus and satellite locations.

Planning a Successful Event
Planning your event can be less stressful and enjoyable if you give yourself plenty of time. You will need to let your contact with Room Reservations know what type of room set-up and table arrangements you will require for your event, depending on its location. Please keep in mind, the larger your event, the more time needed to plan and prepare for its success. Due to the heavy demand for space on campus, we suggest that you reserve the room/location for your event well in advance to ensure that you have the room/location you desire and that it will also meet the needs of your event. Once you have reserved your room/location, please call us so we may help you plan the catered portion of your event.

Confirmations and Guarantees
We ask each customer to please give us three (3) weeks prior notice when booking events, as well as an estimated number of attendees for the event. Your menu should be finalized with our office at least seven (7) business days prior to your event to allow sufficient time to order food products and ensure proper staffing. Events booked less than seven (7) business days prior to the event date will be accepted if resources are available but may be assessed a 20% late fee to cover any additional expenses we may incur, and menu options may be limited due to short notice.

Once your menu is finalized, we will send you a confirmation with the number of guests, location, times, and any specifics you may have. Please review this before you confirm so that you can make necessary adjustments. Once you have confirmed the order, please send it back, and we will proceed to fulfill your requests. We will need your final guest count no later than 72 hours prior to your event; otherwise we will prepare and bill you for the estimated number you originally gave us. In the event that you have more guests than you have confirmed, you will be billed for the actual number attending.

Placing an Order
When placing an order, please have the following information ready to help expedite your order and ensure that you are properly billed:

  • Day of event
  • Event start time
  • Event end time
  • Building and room number
  • Number of guests
  • Phone and e-mail address for contact person
  • Name of college (if applicable)
  • Name of department
  • Payment type
    We accept speed types, Foundation funds, credit cards, money orders, cashier’s checks, and cash.

Indian Creek Lodge
A minimum order of $300.00 in food and beverages is required for events at the Indian Creek Lodge.

All invoices are based on the guaranteed number. If the number in attendance is below the guarantee number, the guarantee number will be used for billing purposes. If the number in attendance is greater than the guarantee number, the additional number will be used for billing purposes and may include additional per person fees.

Non-University, Non-College, Non-Venue, Non-School related organizations are required to pay 20% of the invoice when booking an event. The remainder is due three (3) business days prior to the event date. Failure to pay will result in cancellation of your event. All events using Foundation funds are subject to sales tax. Speed types are tax exempt. The use of speed types will require authorization from proper budget authority. Outside organizations that are tax exempt must provide a copy of their tax exemption certificate at the time of booking.

All University customers shall abide by the Board of Regents policies in regards to the purchase of food. Customers shall advise PantherDining Catering if the organization is tax exempt and submit a tax exempt document. Requests by organizations providing a University interdepartmental speedtype shall be made by an authorized user for that speedtype and have an expiration date to ensure availability of funds. University Foundation confirmation for authorization to invoice shall be verified in writing prior to the event. Make checks payable to Georgia State University. Terms and conditions are subject to change.

Notification of cancellation must be made by calling PantherDining’s Catering Office during regular business hours, three (3) business days prior to an event. Any cancellations made after this time frame will be subject to a cancellation fee up to the confirmed amount to cover any costs already incurred.

Service Ware Charges
All catered functions, coffee breaks, buffets, and receptions include our high quality disposable service ware. There is an additional charge of $2.50 per person for china and glassware service for events in the Student Center and an additional charge of $3.00 per person for china and glassware service for events in all other buildings.

All catered functions include tablecloths for all food tables and beverage tables. Linens for guest tables, registrations tables, head tables, and any additional tables that will not be directly used for food and beverage can be provided at an additional charge.

Specialty linens, depending on availability, can also be provided as a special order.

Catering Equipment
As the host of the catering event, you are responsible for the equipment we have provided for the service of your catered event. Any missing or damaged catering equipment or supplies will be charged to your account at replacement cost. For very large events, specialty equipment may need to be rented at an additional charge.

To ensure your event is a success, attendants may be required. When attendants are needed, services are at an additional charge of $125.00 per attendant, with a minimum of four (4) hours. If additional time is needed, a fee of $18.00 per hour, per attendant, will apply.

Continental breakfasts and breaks are priced for self-service.

PantherDining Catering takes exceptional care to follow industry recommended food handling procedures to help reduce the risk of food-borne illness. Due to the Georgia Department of Public Health regulations, any food and beverage provided by PantherDining Catering may not be removed from the premises following a catered event. Removal of unused food is typically prohibited for food safety reasons. Specific requests to remove leftover food items must be addressed to the food service supervisor on duty. Removal of unopened, unconsumed beverages is prohibited.

Alcohol and Bartending
PantherDining Catering can provide bartenders and bar setup for your event; however, we are unable to purchase alcohol for resale. All campus events requiring alcohol must obtain approval from the Georgia State University Office of Legal Affairs.

  • Full bar set up is available for $2.00 per person and beer/wine setup is available for $1.25 per person.
  • Bartenders are provided for $125 for a 4-hour set-up. We recommend one bartender for every fifty (50) guests.

It is the customer’s responsibility to purchase, deliver, and remove alcohol for events.

For further information regarding Georgia State University’s alcohol policy, contact the Office of Legal Affairs at 404-413-0500.